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Electrolysis is still the ONLY permanent method of hair removal.

There are many other methods to get rid of unwanted hair, but none of those are proven to be permanent.
So, what is Electrolysis?
Let me take you through a consultation here so that you may be better informed when you make the decision to try it.
The method is simple.
A very fine needle-like filament—about the diameter of a single hair—is inserted into the follicle opening. No puncture is made. No skin is broken. These needles are DISPOSABLE & STERILE, used only on you & disposed of after each session.
The needle slides down the shaft of the hair, into the follicle. You do not feel the insertion! What you will feel is a slight sting once the machine is engaged. A chemical change takes place in the follicle upon the introduction of (1) Thermolysis (heat) and (2) Galvanic current, controlled with foot pedals. In a few seconds the hair has released from the follicle and can be easily lifted out with a pair of tweezers.
The optimum time to remove a hair is in its “growth” stage, the first month of its life.
There is usually slight redness at the site, or small bumps that look like mosquito bites, but these go away quickly, usually within 15 minutes to ½ hour.

What are the costs?

$40 – 1/4  hour

$55 – 1/2 hour

$70 – 3/4 hour

$80 – 1 hour

How Long Will It Take?
This is usually the first question.  Electrolysis is not a one-appointment procedure.  I cannot give you “one size fits all” answer.  There are many variables to hair removal: whether you’ve been tweezing for a long time, your heredity, drugs you may be taking, etc.
I can tell you it MAY take about two years. It could be less--or more--depending on your particular problem. This doesn’t mean that you will be coming (for instance) 1 hour, once a week for that time. You will see steady improvement as you go, cutting down your time & frequency of appointments. 
Hair Growth
This is perhaps your most important lesson because the life of one hair is what determines how often you have to come in.
EACH hair has a life span of about 3 months.
That means that in the first month it germinates in the follicle, grows up & through the opening & appears on the surface of your skin as a hair.
The second month it rests.
The third month is detaches from the bottom of the follicle in order to shed to make room for the follicle to grow another hair.
Now multiply that one hair by the thousands you have, all growing at different rates.
The reason is that during that first month of growth, the follicle sac is filled with about ¾ water. Water & salt are naturally occurring throughout your body. When the current is applied (through the electrolysis needle) to that solution, it creates a chemical change that damages the follicle cells, loosening the hair.
Hair can be removed at any stage of growth, however, but since the 2nd & 3rd stages have significantly less fluid in the sac, the damage to the follicle will not be as great, so these are the hairs where you will experience more re-growth.
So keeping a regular schedule is the key to success in the shortest amount of time.

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